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Getting Ready for Sunday

Last Sunday, Pastor Chad challenged all of us to "get ready for Sunday". To not just show up in church on Sunday morning, but to take Thursday, Friday and Saturday to get ready. To get our hearts and minds aligned with God, to show up for worship service on Sunday morning prepared to meet God in a divine appointment.

Some people may not know how to do that, so here are some ways for us to connect with God on those days before we go to church:

  • Read the Bible. This first way may seem obvious, but how often do we still find excuses not to do this on a daily basis? Take time each day to read a chapter of God's Word. Let Him speak to you through His word.

  • Devotional. There's tons of daily devotionals out there. Pick your favorite source and get closer to God through reading or listening to it.

  • Worship music. Listen to your favorite Christian songs. We have a great ever-changing Spotify playlist that you can use to worship our Savior!

  • Listen to new worship music. Step outside your comfort zone and listen to some worship music you've never heard before.

  • Go outside and touch some grass. Reconnect with nature, and with our Creator who gave it to us.

  • Prayer. And not just before you eat. Set aside a time in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening. Don't rush through it. Spend some quality time with your Heavenly Father. He wants to hear from you.

  • Bible study with friends/small group. Bible study isn't just for Sunday mornings. Get together with your friends and study the Word together!

  • YouTube sermon. Our YouTube page has all our past sermons from CFC, but you can always listen to different pastors that you like as well. Just make sure they're scriptural in what they're preaching about.

  • Memorize a Bible verse. For some people, this can be challenging. But don't let that stop you. Take the time to memorize a Bible verse that speaks to you. You never know when it might come in handy to tell it to someone!

  • Watch a Christian TV show or movie. Skip that secular show you were going to watch and watch something wholesome and uplifting. PureFlix has plenty of great choices, including the amazing series The Chosen!

  • Christian podcasts. Search them out on Spotify or YouTube and give them a listen.

  • Journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings and give them to God in a prayer. It's so easy to forget things in our busy world. Write them down!

  • Random Acts of Kindness. Make someone's day. Show a stranger that there's still goodness left in this world.

  • Read a Christian book. Turn off the TV and cuddle up with a good book. There's plenty of great Christian authors out there, and not all of it's non-fiction. C.S Lewis is my personal favorite!

  • Make some art. Maybe you don't think you have any artistic talent, but you won't know until you try. See what you can do to glorify God with your gifts!

Obviously, you can't do all of these every day. I'd suggest that you pick three of them and do them each of the three days before you arrive for worship on Sunday morning. And get ready for God to move in a big way!

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