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Top Takeaways from Sunday's Message

Here are the top takeaways from Pastor Chad's message "Saddle Up Your Horses!!"

  • Are there addictions in your life that you struggle with? This could be the last day you face them if you put them in God’s hands. We all face challenges and habits that feel hard to break. But there is hope - this could be the day you find freedom by seeking help from friends, counselors, or your faith. You have strength within you. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” -- Philippians 4:13

  • If there’s something you’ve been holding on to and God says to let it go, you better let it go. Reflecting on what's truly important can be hard. If something no longer serves your growth, consider releasing it with compassion. Trust that God will give you wisdom within to walk a thoughtful path.

  • We often forget there’s something better waiting on us than what we have here. Appreciating the gifts that God gives us can allow us to build a life of purpose and meaning, but it doesn’t compare to what awaits us in Heaven.

  • Why do we fear? Because we forget what God has already done for us. When feeling anxious, remember the times when God helped you to overcome challenges. Have faith in Him to help you take things one step at a time.

  • There’s nothing impossible if it’s God’s will. Even when we face impossible situations, God can give us inner strength we didn’t know we had.

  • What has God asked you to do that you’re not doing? Is there a goal you feel drawn to that you’ve hesitated to pursue? Trust that God will guide you.

  • God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He always makes a way, and He always protects His children. Though each day brings new challenges, we can move forward with hope by having faith in the Lord.

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