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Life at CFC

At Community Fellowship Church, we are a family joined together in faith. We worship the Lord as one body, enjoy fellowship with one another, and serve our community together.

Our church is united by our common identity in Jesus Christ. As followers of Christ, we gather each week to lift up His name through song, study His Word, and hear biblical teaching. We build each other up in love as we share life together.

Living out the Gospel compels us to reach beyond our church walls. We seek opportunities to selflessly serve our neighborhood, city, and world in Jesus' name. As ambassadors for Christ, we desire to be His hands and feet to anyone in need.

At CFC, people from diverse backgrounds and seasons of life come together as one. We are young and old, single and married, churched and unchurched. Yet Christ binds us together as brothers and sisters. We invite all to come experience the transforming power of Christ in community.

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